Catering Faqs

As the business grows, I'll be adding to this frequently asked questions page... so please come back here often to get your most important questions answered.

What is a dessert table?
A collection of delicious, delectable treats displayed on a table in such a way that it brings out the excitement in everyone. A dessert table is often decorated to match the theme of your event and hosts an array of miniature and/or bite-sized desserts that can be sampled throughout your event.

What kind of flour do you use?
I mainly use all-purpose flour unless I have specified something different in the recipe.

I like the idea of making money from my baking. Can I sell desserts from my home, too?
A law was recently passed in California that allows bakery chefs to bake in their homes... but I'm not sure about your specific state laws. You'll need to check with your state for specifics on what you can and cannot sell from your home.

You can read more about the new law at Venture Beat, Tree Hugger, and The SELC.

For a list of food laws by state, check out this pdf by The Sustainable Economies Law Center.

If you live in California, you can read about the food laws here.

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